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Why Rent?

Why stay in this Private Vacation Villa? | Guests Comments

Why stay in this Private Vacation Villa?

First-class Luxury AccommodationBritish-owned and managed to the highest standards that UK holidaymakers look for when they visit Orlando, 'Celtic Sunshine' is where we take our holidays too. Because we are our own most demanding customers, you can be assured that this is one holiday home that will be everything you could expect from a fully equipped luxury Florida villa that promises true comfort and genuine luxury and relaxation.

Surrounded by a conservation area which encompasses over 300 acres resulting in a quiet, safe and peaceful location.

We want you to enjoy yourself and come back again and again. We know how valuable those few weeks of annual holiday can be and the special difference that truly first-class accommodation can make from the very first day that you arrive.

Hotels are just too restrictive for most holidaymakers. You want a place with total freedom to come and go, with all your home comforts, with privacy and security as well as luxury, where you can eat what you want when you want it, and where there's a lot more fun and things to do than you can find in the average hotel room.

Children absolutely love it, of course - no more moaning that they have nothing to do while mum and dad try to relax or organise the next outing.

Our luxury home is just off "attraction packed" Highway  192 within a few minute drive of Disney World.

It's no surprise that more families than ever before are choosing holiday rental homes when they come to stay in Orlando and the vacation land of Florida. They have asked a few vital questions and found the right answers.

Q: With more than 80,000 hotels rooms to choose from, which hotel will have the right accommodation for your family?

A: None. Nothing compares to a luxury seven bedroom holiday home that can sleep up to sixteen people and cater for all your needs, with plenty to do before you even step out the door.

Q: We have never stayed in a Florida vacation home, is it expensive?

A: It is actually far less expensive than even the most basic hotel accommodation with no amenities. You can stay in a luxury seven bedroom home for less, and bring your friends.

Q: Is there plenty of room if you have two or three families staying?

A: Yes! You will be amazed, with large kitchen, breakfast area, dining room, lounge, living room, four and a half full bathrooms, large games room, large pool and extended deck patio area, you'll wonder where everyone is.

Q: Will someone be available to answer questions?

A: Yes. We have local management with a fully staffed front desk and a 24-hour manned emergency hotline. And you can always contact us direct.

Q: Are all Florida holiday homes more or less the same?

A: Absolutely not! It's all too easy to find yourself booked into Florida villas and holiday homes that fall a long way short of their brochure or online descriptions. 'Celtic Sunshine' is our one and only home away from home and we have made it somewhere extra special. We promise you will want to come back again and again.

- Margaret & Tony Craig. Tel: +44 (0) 1592 770080
- E-mail: margaret@floridaluxuryvilla.co.uk


Our Vacation Home

ABC Motel/Hotel

7 Bedroom home
Private pool, games room, etc, etc

8 basic rooms
no facilities

sleeps 16
sleeps 16
7 nights @ £130 per night
£50 per room – (no facilities)

7nights x £130 = £910

7 nights x 8 x £50 = £2,800

Staying in the holiday home has saved £1,890.00 just for 1 week! (Rental and hotel prices may vary depending on time of stay).

The saving is in room costs only, but there will be considerable extra savings when you decide to eat in, or just relax at the pool.

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